NCCE Chairperson Urges Rejection of Politicians Promoting Religious Intolerance

Accra – Ms Kathleen Addy, the Chairperson of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has urged the Ghanaian public to decisively reject politicians who use religious intolerance as a tactic to garner votes in the upcoming 2024 elections. This call was made during her meeting with a delegation from the Parliamentary Caucus on Freedom of Religion and Faith Leaders from The Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Malawi.

According to Ghana News Agency, it is especially reprehensible for politicians to engage in spreading religious hatred and intolerance merely as a strategy to win votes. She highlighted the dangers of such actions, noting the severe consequences that toxic identity politics have had in other nations, leading them into chaos. Ms Addy emphasized that Ghana should not entertain such divisive tactics and should prioritize maintaining peace over the ambitions of individuals seeking political power.

The NCCE Chairperson’s statements resonate as a timely reminder of the need for political discourse in Ghana to remain respectful and inclusive, especially as the country heads towards its next national elections.